Q: What is the error code "EEb" showed on the display?
A: It's the flow switch disconnected, non supplied or defective.

Q: Despite the advice (playing with the valves of the by-pass kit to find the right flow), the EEb message remains.
A: The cause is a flow switch defect, you can change a flower switch.

Q: How to change the parameter setting in the device memory.
A: For reserve the setting of device memory, you must make sure the LED light is off automatically before disconnect heat pump from the main power.

Q: A heat pump shows a EE2 message. The instructions don't give much information about this. Could you please let me know more about this message?
A: It should be from ambient air temperature sensor. Please check the connection. If all connection is OK, it is necessary to replace one new sensor.

Q: Why did the reading not change in the pressure gauge?
A: Maybe the compressor is out of order or the refrigerant is leakage.

Q: How to change the LED display?
A: 1. Disconnect the wire teminal of display.
2. Lever the defective display out.
3. Push the new display in the box for replacement and connect the wire teminal.

Q: What is the error code "EEc" showed on the display?
A: It's the ambient temperature sensor disconnected or defective.

Q: How long is the warranty period?
A: Two years.

Q: What's the meaning of "PCB" ?
A: It's the abbreviation of printed circuit board.

Q: How to transform heat mode to cool mode?
A: Press the key "M" on the display.