Ecoview focus on reliable quality and constant R&D improvement.
New heat pump test center build up in 2019, basic on European standard.

Simulate different working condition, heat pump specification data basic on actual test result.

All new or improved heat pump series will have full running test in test center.

To meet client's requirement on safety, efficiency, energy-saving.

Quality control

* Three Leakage Tests ( Full-inspection )
* Safety Test
* Accelerated aging test in our environmentally controlled room
* Regular calibration of all test equipment to insure accuracy
* Enthalpy difference room to insure excellent performance of heat pumps
* Real-time running test for heat pumps
* Full Function Test
* Random Inspection( AQL standard) before Shipment


We believe in the value of continuously update our skills and knowledge. We respect all quality standards in the execution of production.


EHPA certificate

The European Heat Pump Association, EHPA, represent the majority of European heat pump industry. Obtain an EHPA certification means accord with a series of international standard, which refer to both technical standard and quality management.

One the company own the EHPA certification, means all product meet the specified requirements, provide indications of proven validity.

This certificate approve our company strive for both product quality and social responsibility.


Heat pump system module certificate

The system module certificate is the new Switzerland standard for the design and build of heat pump heating systems up to 15 kw.

Most cantons in Switzerland use the heat pump system module as a condition for encourage the replacement of fossil-energy heating and electric heating with heat pump systems.

This certifies a high quality and reliable system with limited maintenance and operation costs. The promoters of the PdC-MS are: Suissetec, APP, ImmoClima Switzerland, the Swiss Society of Engineers in SITC plant engineering, The Swiss Federal Office of Energy - SFOE.


Solar Professional certificate

"Solar Professional" means have a quality certificate, quality of the material and of the production process, also for the work from design to installation.

Designers, installers, manufacturers of PV and solar-thermal systems, guarantee stable performance of solar systems then can register as a Solar Professional. Through the specific training, MT Systems SA has achieved Solar Professional certificate.

Solar Professionals® is certificated by Swissolar, the leader of Swiss solar industry, Swissolar devoted to overall responsibility of Switzerland solar energy. Once the required registration documents are successfully verified, Solar Professionals® is a guarantee for all our customers.